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The Importance Of Urdu

Urdu the national language of Pakistan is fast losing its importance in the land of the pure.the language which united the Muslims in the sub continent to fight for their freedom ,the language which gave birth to the youth of subcontinent fire is losing its grip.

urduInstead of crying over what might have gone wrong lets look at things which might be useful to promote the language of Indus civilization.

The students should be introduced to the beauty of Urdu poetry in syllabus.Works from various urdu authors should be introduced in the syllabus.Side by side it is the role of the teachers to make the urdu as a subject interesting to the students.

Moreover urdu as a subject is not present in the bachelors curriculum.It is the upmost duty of the educational system to give the langauge the importance and boost it actually requires.Urdu should be made compulsory in bachelors as the same importance is given to english language with four books.

It is also the duty of the media channels to promote programmes promoting and explaining the unique development of the urdu langauge and how our forefathers fought for it.

From Iqbal to Minto urdu language has has given rise to powerful emotions which put fire to muslims hearts giving them the freedom to fight for the seperate land and side by side giving rise to beautiful emotions from the heart.

Urdu is the language of the sbcontinent the east.Much attention is needed to language otherwise it will die as a treasure never found.

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