Geo Tau Aisay

Using Google AdSense Ad On The Responsive Sites

Now you can serve the Google ads of unreliable dimensions relating to the viewport size of the visitor’s device as it has officially agreed the receptive design. For example if a visitor is reading the web page on his desktop, that person can choose to serve 780×60 unit but if some else is viewing the same web page on a mobile, it can be displayed 200×200 unit.

google-adsenseThis AdSense code detects the size of that visitor’s display screen and serves the suitable unit that will fit at its best in the accessible space. One can serve responsive Google AdSense ads in synchronous as well as asynchronous way.

  • Firstly, Open the Adsnese dashboard and find Create new ad unit under My Ads.
  • Set the size of Ad, Responsive Ad Unit and hit the Save and Get Code option to generate Java script code for this AdSense.

The other options can be,


  • Go to your Adsense dashboard and create a new ad unit or you can use any of the existing one.
  • Make a note of ID of that ad unit and also the Ad Publisher ID and put these values in Line15 and 18.
  • Copy Paste the above snatch anywhere on the web page and based on the size of user’s device, the most suitable AdSense Ad will be served.
  • If you want to include the multiple responsive AdSense and units on that same page, you just need to use the same snatch of code but increment the DIV ID in lines 1 and 6 so that they become google-ads1, 2, 3 and so on.


  • The approach for adding the synchronous AdSense to one’s responsive web page is just the similar except of that underlying code is a bit different. The values in the line 15 and 18 have to be changed, and then paste the snatch to your website.

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