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The 20 Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Keyboard shortcuts are the basic essentials for every PC users, which helps user to work more quickly and efficiently. We are sharing the The 20 Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows with you which helps you to improve your work in an efficient way.

The 20 Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Windows Key + Search

This is particularly important on Windows 8. This is one good because it will allow you to quickly return to the Start screen. If it is On Windows 7, it helps to open the Start menu.

Text Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

These ones are good and they can work any ware. Cut (Ctrl + X), Copy (Ctrl + C), and Paste (Ctrl + V) are other important keyboard shortcuts used for text-editing. They commonly used when typing some stuff on your computer.

Search the Current Page or File

For you to be able to do a very quick search in the current application, you are required to press Ctrl+F. After this, you will see a search feature and you can instantly start typing a phrase you want to search.

Switch between Applications and Tabs

Alt+Tab is a faster of switching between running applications. If you are using more apps, you will have to press Alt+Tab in order to quickly switch between them.

If by any case you miss the window you want, press Alt+Shift+Tab so as to move through the list in reverse manner. Press Ctrl+Tab. Ctrl+Shift+Tab in order to move between tabs in an application as in the browser tabs in your web browser.

Quickly Print

Press Ctrl+P to initiate a very quick printing process. If you use this option, it can be much easier that going through the normal procedure.

Close Tabs and Windows

Press Alt+F4 to quickly close the current application. This shortcut works better in a desk top and new windows 8 apps.

Lock Your Computer

If you want to lock your computer, you need to do the following: press windows Key+L.

Access the Task Manager

If you want to access the task manager very fast, then you have to do the following. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and this will get you there.

Windows 8 Shortcuts

Other shortcuts on windows 8 is: press Windows Key + C to open your Charms bar. On the other hand, you can press Windows Key + Tab to open the new App Switcher.

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