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5 Healthy Snacks to Carry While Traveling

Hitting the road this summer in Pakistan? Whether traveling by car or plane, you sure need some snacks to snuggle during your trip. It’s a universal need that you just can’t escape. Food is something that is not only a need to survive but the best source of entertainment. Don’t you sometimes feel too bored and then get rid of it with food?

Although you are provided with food/snacks on plane or train, they hardly give you anything other than the specified meals. So what do you do when you feel hungry, you take your own snacks. We have a list of items that are healthier options for you to carry. These are as filling as any other processed food. Keep reading to find the list of alternate options for you.

Mini sandwiches

The easiest snack to make on your own is a sandwich. Make it more fun by cutting it into mini bite sizes that you can pop into your mouth easily. Experiment with the types of breads and fillings, and pack it in a big or several small boxes so everyone has their own.

Granola bars

Granola bars are the healthiest option if you feel the need of a sweet snack. They are sweet and power packed with the grains that energize you while you travel. Go for the organic ones that are low on fat as well as free of chemicals.


The best thing to rely upon while traveling is fruits. They are readily available, extremely healthy and tasty, and rich in nutrients. Though they can’t be stored for long, but that’s the idea of travel snacks, you eat them right away. Just be sure to take the ones that can survive a day long trip before rotting away.


You might be thinking that cookies aren’t the healthiest option. Well, they can be if they are homemade. You can opt for gluten free products to make them yourself. Store bought/packaged cookies are full of preservatives and unhealthy. If you bake them yourself, you will enjoy a personal satisfaction.


It is not the best option to carry hot tea/coffee on a plane, but you can carry your favorite flavored tea bags or coffee blends that you can mix in hot water. You can do the same for a road trip or carry a flask filled with tea/coffee. Trust me, you can’t afford to skip tea or coffee from your snack list.

Tip: Plan your snack according to your destinations and travel routes. Ideally you will be planning it when you are researching the destinations for traveling.

Other than these healthy snacks you might be interested to explore the delicious cuisine of Pakistan.

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