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5 Hi-Tech Prayer Mats that will Transform Your Salah!

Muslims from all over the world engage in virtuous practices that are required by our religion. Salah is a crucial one among them, for it is when Muslims have the opportunity to converse with Allah (God). However, successfully completing the daily obligatory five prayers is tough. With that in mind, we have listed five hi-tech Janamaz (prayer mats) that have been designed to convert your prayer into a comfortable and satisfying experience especially when you embark on a long journey. Jovago Pakistan has compiled hi-tech praying rugs from all over the globe to ease your traveling stress.

1. El-Sajjdah- The Illuminating Janamaz

When positioning your Janamaz, finding the correct direction towards Mecca (Qibla), can be a hassle. To solve this problem, a London-based Turkish designer, Soner Ozenc, has crafted a resourceful prayer mat, El-Sajjdah (Electro Luminescent Prayer Mat). It has been fashioned from LED technology and an efficient in-built navigation system, which illuminates when positioned towards the Holy City.
2. Physiological Prayer Mat- The Pain Reliever

The procedure of Salah can be agonizing for those who suffer from arthritis pains or other physiological issues. To improve their posture and enhance the support given to the person who is praying, Timez5 have developed the world’s first physiological mat with a 5 layer-activated system. Salah on this Janamaz is an unparalleled pain relieving experience, generating a relaxing and unique prayer every time

 3. Pocket Prayer Mat- A Handy Revolution

The pocket prayer mat is the dream device for Muslim travellers. They have been modeled in a way, which enables them to be portable, convenient and lightweight. These rugs are revolutionary, encompassing the features essential to engage in the act of praying. With waterproof fabric and a compass for direction, this accessory is definitely worth it!

4. Electronic Janamaz- Accountable for your Rakats

The electronic prayer mat is a beneficial invention for Muslims, and is favorable for those who are battling memory loss. It is the World’s first digital Janamaz that counts your Rakats while you are performing Salah, allowing you to truly appreciate and relish your prayer.

5.      E-rug – Salah Alerts

The E-rug is a digital Janamaz designed by Wael Aboulsaadat, a fourth-year PhD student from the University of Toronto, who believes that the “people of all religions could use a device that would enhance their prayers.” The mat has built-in sensors, a display screen to present the scripture, a reminder to alert the user about the upcoming prayer and to find the direction of Mecca. This is an extraordinary gadget, resolving the issues associated with Salah and becoming a glorified update revamping future prayers.

Praying is an essential element of religion Islam, and technology has helped perform this ritual in a better way. So now if you have plans even for a road trip from Karachi to Islamabad, don’t worry about the comfort and traveling hassle.

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