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7 Ramadan Apps You Should Observe this Year

The Holy month of Ramadan brings world to the sense of serenity. It’s the high time when Muslims practice the Nobel acts of fasting, praying and all other efforts to deepen their faith with complete devotion. For some it means to increase community ties and share blessings; for others it’s a short pilgrimage.

Keeping the spirit of Ramadan in mind the techno-world has developed a bunch of apps to relieve Muslims in observing their pious practices.  Here we come up with seven chosen Apps that will help you make the most out of Ramadan.

1.      Ramadan Legacy:

Ramadan legacy is the must have app for this year! The app will help you to set your aspirational goals for the holy month with an interactive 30 day Ramadan planner. It will notify you about the verses and new religious topics and will share your Ramadan stories with other users across the world. You can also come up with strong community bonds by connecting your companions and motivating them to track on Ramadan legacy.

2.      Muslim Pro:

Muslim pro is the most popular app recognized by more than 20 million Muslims around the world. The app features accurate prayer times based on your location and notifies you about Azan through visual and audio interface. Muslim-pro is a traveler’s partner that succors them about Halal restaurants and mosques locations around. You can find your right direction to mecca and set your Ramadan planner through Islamic calendar too.

3.      E-Ramadan:

E-Ramadan is a complete digital application dedicated to Muslim people. Getting through this app can be a unique experience as you would get captivate with its distinctive Zakat feature; that calculate up the significant zakat amount for you. Forums and counsel on app will provide instant solutions to your daily Ramadan issues. Try on e-Ramadan and get the true Ramadan spirit by its specific Duas and Quran surahs.

4.      Al-Quran:

Al-Quran is an iOS app that allows you to read the entire text of the Holy Quran, along with translations and commentary. It claims to support over 27 languages, with unlimited bookmarking. Users can go through the holy text verse by verse with proper Telawah. You can also search up for audio records for other relevant topics.

5.      Qibla Connect:

A Smartphone app that helps Muslim mobile users throughout the world in finding the exact direction towards the holy city of Mecca and also gives exact Salah time alerts. You can choose to customize the app icons and specifications as per your aesthetics. The Qibla compass of app will shows up the course of Kaaba with direction and distance details that will make your virtuous prayers most rewarding one for you.

6.      Instadeen:

Instadeen is a resourceful app that works through images. This popular app is peculiar for its photo sharing and editing features which allows users to put religious quotes and sayings on their portrayal. The photos then can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and other social media network.

7.      Al –Muslim:

Al-Muslim is the only free iOS app, available in dual Arabic and English languages. The app is wonderful that allows you to schedule your daily act of kindness to help those who are less fortunate. It is embedded with a planned checklist as a good reminder of how Muslims can help the community during Ramadan. Additionally, there are options to add your Salah schedule and to read verses of the Quran.

So no matter in which part of the world you are, if you have these apps handy you can never miss on your Salah. When you plan for vacations and say book hotel in Islamabad, you don’t need to worry that whether the hotel is close to a mosque or not!

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