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Ali Safina Returns to Radio with Radio FM 91’s New Show ‘Morning Chaska’


With their 10-year milestone in the bags, Radio FM 91 is now set to bring in all new music, more energy, and even a new morning show.

Film & television actor, and renowned VJ & RJ, Ali Safina returns to radio after a hiatus with his new radio show, ‘Morning Chaska’ on Radio FM91.

‘Morning Chaska’ is a show with lots of energy to wake you up, motivate you to get through the day, the latest trends, news and facts for your knowledge, and games for you to laugh and have fun with.

“Morning Chaska is for all Pakistanis … whether you’re waking up in Karachi or driving down the road in Gwadar, we’ll wake up with you”, explained the enthusiastic Ali Safina.

“We’ve got inspirational and motivational stories to tell you. We’ll let you in on the latest trends and facts and we’ve put together games like Anda Pressure and The Ultimate Ear Test.” Safina further added.

With Anda Pressure, callers will have 30 seconds to answer specific questions. “When we were thinking of names, we thought, ‘how long might an egg take to fry.’ It takes longer than 30 seconds of course [laughs], but for our listeners, it will be a fun challenge to test your mind and mettle.”

“The Ultimate Ear Test, on the other hand, is when we play various 2-second sounds (animals, voices, short quick movie quotes) and the caller has to answer what the sound is.”

“FM91 has made a big achievement completing our decade in the radio industry. We are very glad that our audiences are always supporting us and on this big occasion we have launched a new show with Ali Safina who has returned to radio after a long break.” Commented Sarah Tahir Khan, CEO, FM91.

Talking about the show, Shazya Aamir, COO FM91 said “Morning Chaska is a new show on FM91 and we believe that this show will also win the heart of the listeners.”

Morning Chaska is your wake-up call with Ali Safina. Catch him every Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 10 AM, as he wakes up with the nation and gets your day going.


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