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Amazon Fire TV Quick Review

The new Amazon is trying to break the addiction of the people towards the television cable. The new Amazon Fire TV is the latest media-streaming box expected to take down the monopolies of the cable. Amazon promises the individuals that it will provide them with all the fun they can never have ever before. Buying Amazon Fire TV at $99 is almost a desire and if someone can truly let me cut the cord that the upfront cost of this is nothing if you compared it to the monthly bill.

Amazon Fire TV

The media streamer of Amazon is muck like Roku’s or Apple’s, which is a basic box of the black color that discreetly sits on my entertainment center, it is a bit larger and a bit thinner than the Apple but that does not actually matter which actually matter is you can easily plug the thing in and forget about it.

The interface of Amazon Fire TV actually resembles the kindle fire tablet, with a basic grid that contains categories on the left and the content on its right. It is actually different from the Roku’s third bright and colorful themes, its interface is mostly dark and understated.

The best experience of the Amazon Fire TV is with the content purchased or streamed itself from Amazon, the interface is snappy as well but paging through the menu and scrolling it is a way easier if you compare it to the other media boxes. Individuals can control everything with a remote while sitting away, it is not too much different like other wireless remotes, it has four way controllers with the basic buttons (play, stop and pause etc). To activate the voice control function it has button on the top of the wireless remote. The universal search is actually very inspiring and its best when individuals use the voice search call up to whatever they want.

In Amazon many games are developed, not only Sev zero but also famous android games are developed. It takes some time to load the games but the part of performance is very impressive.

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