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Android App Review: Todoist

Productivity is a very popular genre for Google Play Store. Thousands of people download productivity apps daily for various tasks and purposes. Today we will review a productivity app named ‘Todoist: To Do List, Task List’.

todoistAs the name is indicating, Todoist relates with making notes, reminders and task lists. It has some distinct features that separate it from ordinary apps that are available for the same purpose. There is a free version of the app available with offers tons of feature. However, you can upgrade to premium version for $29/year if you want to get the entire deal!

Todoist Free Version Features

  • You can create and add as many tasks as you like
  • No internet connection is required (except for synchronization)
  • Define Projects and add tasks to project
  • Manual synchronization is possible to save data in Todoist servers

Todoist Premium Features

  • Reminders are available in the form of SMS and Emails
  • You can arrange, mark and color tasks and projects for better understanding
  • Preset project templates are available
  • Auto synchronization to various devices is possible
  • Calendars can be synchronized
  • Automatic Productivity charts for tracking progress of a project

Rating and Reviews

We installed and tested the app to check the functionality. It is a light app and runs fine on even low end android phones. The current rating of the app on Google play store is 4.2 out of 5. According to user comments, there was no mention of bugs or missing features; the only frequent complaint was about the cost of the premium version.

Our tip for you on this one: Install and Enjoy!

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