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Angelina Jolie is set for Surgery for Prevention of Cancer

US: The Hollywood Diva, Angelina Jolie after her double mastectomy is set for another surgery for the prevention of contracting cancer, Media Sources.

The Hollywood Evergreen actress is set for another surgery to reduce the risk of contracting cancer, Angelina tested positive for Breast Cancer and choose Mastectomy. She now also faces the genetic risk of ovarian cancer and hence is planning to undergo another surgery.

When asked to the Oncologists about chances that is this testing would be positive way of reducing contraction cancer?

Oncologists state that undergoing surgery can reduce chances by 90 per cent for contracting breast and ovarian cancer. But BRCA2 (a gene) carriers are at the risk of melanoma and also stomach cancers. They state that Angelina Jolie’s case is not applicable for all women. Ten out of 100 women can have breast cancer even without genetic mutation. The surgical option to reduce cancer is a debatable issue and if taken up, it is completely the decision of the patient and not the surgeon and Surgery does not guarantee any cancer, state the oncology experts.

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