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AR Rahman identifies with Aamir Khan, says he faced similar situation

Indian music composer AR Rahman, also an Oscar winner said to Indian media that he is facing similar circumstances to Amir Khan regarding rising discrimination in India. Prior this week in an interview Amir Khan-actor of a blockbuster movie PK in 2014 said that, due to increasing partiality in the country his wife Kiran had suggested him to leave India. He also show his assistance for the artists who send back their awards in disapproval over the growing partial atmosphere in India.


While taking to the media AR Rahman said that, “We all are too much civilized people nothing should be aggressive and we should show the world that we are the best civilization,” and in an objection against rising discrimination artists are returning their awards and for this he said, “I understand what people are doing is very epical and everything should be done wonderfully, and we should set an example for the world as we came from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and he has shown how insurgency can have consequences without cruelty.”

His planned concerts in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh were cancelled because of a fatwa issued by a Mumbai based Muslim academy against him for creating music for an Iranian film. This fatwa encouraged the hindu disciplinarian groups to bring up the topic of religious transfer and ask him to re-convert to Hinduism.

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