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How to Build Backlinks by Blogging


There are so many questions you could ask regarding backlinks to your blog. Others wonder why website and webmasters get concern with high quality backlinks.

backlink-bloggingOne of the main roles of backlinks is to increase traffic to your website. Backlinks from different websites, articles directories and blogs are good in directing traffic to blogs and websites. High traffic to your website all blog will eventually generate money for your business.

  • Find backlinks. You are required to do a Google search to get high quality backlinks. You may want to pay in order to get high quality back links. For more information go to related forums.
  • You are required to register or sign up for specific sites that you intend to leave backlinks. This procedure is quite simple and you should not worry on it.
  • You are presented with an activation link and you are only required to click on it to get started.
  • Once done with this, you are required to search for your profile and then go to the navigating button to start editing your profile.

You need to remember that that each website that will give you a backlink is totally different. Remember also to add your URL address appropriately. Some other options will allow you to leave your URL in the signature box; others will allow you leave URL in your bio section. As you can see, it all depends with the type of backlink; you can use the instructions given to do this successfully.

In respect to the bio (biography) box and signature box, it is only 3 links that can attach to your website or blog.  You are also required to use well structured keywords; and for instance, your keywords can be as follows: Make Money Online from Home, Best Ways to Make Money Online, Best Home Based Business. Using this three examples of keywords; this are the specific keywords that will contain your link back to your website. The best way to add a link using these keywords is by using HTML code or the BBC code.

The following is an example of how you can use an HTML code to link your website; [URL =http://www.your website/]KEYWORDS[/URL]


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