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Cell Phone Use Hazards, Specially for Teens

These increased usage of cell phones among people of all ages specially among the teenagers has increased health hazards. Cell Phones were made for the communication purpose like it use to be when in times of landlines, you were supposed to talk about important stuff communicate and put the phone down. Cell phones were made to reach people who are out of reach from land lines but the extensive usage has totally changed the purpose. It is now a 24/7 sort of thing. you will never see a teenager without a phone in hand where ever they are and what ever they are doing.

The main purpose to communicate just when necessary has been lost out somewhere and now it has been made as a social hub, the usage has made you disconnect with your social circle just around you and engage in social activities miles apart. This has surely damaged the relation you shared with the people around you.

This extensive use of cell phones has caused so much health damage that teenagers don’t know about. They use phone for hours, talk on phones for hours which expose their ears with dangerous rays which also impact on brain cells.

The rays have many side effects on your health that you keep wondering why all that is happening to you. The major problems caused by cell phone rays are:

  1. Cancer
  2. Tumor
  3. Weak memory
  4. Headaches / Migraine
  5. Hearing Problems
  6. Heart attacks
  7. Sleeping issues
  8. Depression
  9. Skin issues
  10. Concentration difficulties
  11. Bones weakness and damage

You need to be very careful and start considering cell phone as a facility not a necessity, reduce the time you spend with your cell phone. Follow simple habits

  1. Keep cell Phone away from ear when you are on call
  2. Don’t use cell phone when it is on charging
  3. Don’y be on longer phone calls, talk to people around you
  4. Don’t sleep with cell phone near you head or body
  5. Don;t out your cell phone in your pocket they rays cause damage to your body parts
  6. Think about the life around you, life before cell phones was simple and great

Cell phone has been so harmful to our bodies but the attraction and the charm in latest models and features just doesn’t let you take your eyes off them, you need to stop doing that. Focus on your heath. You might be have pleasure using it now but you will suffer in your old age.

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