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How to Change Ringtones of Your Android Phone

Android is the most popular OS in the market right now and one of the primary reasons of its popularity is its high customizability. It has many personalization options which are not available in other major platforms. So, if you have switched to Android for good, you will certainly enjoy changing the look of your phone every few days!

androidJust like in some of the older phones, you can change the Ringtones of your device, and you can even add a sound clip of your choice as your default ringtone. You can also change notification tones and alarm sounds.

Download A Ringtone or Audio:

First of all you will need a ringtone downloaded on your device. You can search for it in the Google Play store or you can also get a third party app like Zedge to download ringtone on your Android device.

Step By Step Method for Changing Sound and Ringtones:

After you have downloaded a sound clip on your device from whatever source, you can easily set it as a Ringtone.

  • Get into the app drawer and tap on the ’Settings’icon
  • You will find an option saying ‘Sound’ inside the Settings menu
  • You can change the volume of ringtones, set vibration and change other related options in Sound menu
  • You can also change the phone ringtone by tapping on the ‘Phone Ringtone’ option and then browsing the sound clip you have just downloaded.
  • You can also change tones for your Notification, Video call and alarm in this menu.

After you have set your default ringtone, you can just tap on OK and that’s it, you have a new tone all set!

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