Charging Your Mobile Phone Wirelessly by Nokia


The cellular company Nokia gave birth to a new concept, which is that phones need not be plugged in a socket with a wire in order to charge their batteries. Well as a matter of fact, everything today has been switched into a much mobile version and wireless technologies have evolved with such a rapid pace that there definitely was quite a room for this development to come into existence real soon. A point of information here would be that Nokia has included this facility in the new Lumia series Windows phones.

Charging Your Mobile Phone Wirelessly by Nokia

Firstly, a brief into as to what this technology is actually based on would be helpful. The technology is precisely based on the concept of induction. The charger has been equipped with a coil, and this very coil is responsible to deliver electromagnetic field.
This field, through a transmitter, is grasped by the particular phone, which has a relatively similar mechanism included in it, and it charges the battery as per required.

Following Nokia, LG and Google have been working on a joint venture, which has resulted in their addition of wireless chargers for the phone series Nexus 4. But on the con side of the matter, the phone still has to be located in a particular manner such that even charging is ensured. And all these issues have been addressed by the new technology named Cota, which is a product of Ossianic, which enables charging absolutely without any need to come in contact with a particular base surface.

Well this probably is the best solution in this very field by far, as it transmits an electromagnetic wave platform having frequency somewhat equal to what Bluetooth and Wifi work on. And the main pro of this technology is that human safety isn’t much of an issue here, as it’s a matter of a single watt only.