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Chrome Extensions to Download Facebook Images


Whether or not or not you are about to migrate from Facebook to another service otherwise you simply need to copy all of your Facebook photos for posterity. Facebook needs no introduction. It is being used everywhere in the world.

Peoples using it for sharing pictures, here are some Chrome Extensions to Download Facebook Images.

Chrome Extensions to Download Facebook Images

1. PhotoLive:

chrome-extensionsPhotoLive could be a Chrome extension that permits you to transfer your photos album at a time. Once put in, the PhotoLive extension adds a button at the top of Facebook album that you click to transfer all of the photos therein album at only once. The app does not like your Facebook credentials to try to to therefore either.

It permits you to transfer pictures one at a time if you are mistreatment another browser or simply need one photo; however you’ll need to stick to every picture one by one to transfer them. The developers say extensions for different browsers and different photo-hosting services are on the approach shortly. If the extension is not operating for you, you will need to disable secure browsing. PhotoLive does not support HTTPS. Simply confirm to re-enable it once you are finished downloading!

2. Download Facebook album

It could be a nice extension for Google Chrome that permits you to transfer all Facebook photos within album in one goes. All you would like is to put in the extension, open the Facebook album and click on on the button for the extension within the toolbar.

3. PhotoGrabber

PhotoGrabber is desktop application that creates it simple to transfer all Facebook photos of any of your friends. Just have the app put in, provides it access to your information on Facebook and opt for your friend within the list.

4. Fluschipranie

Fluschipranie is experimental plugin for FireFox that needs no restart to be put in. Once you’ve got it put in, browse to “Your Albums” on Facebook and right-click on your album link and spot “fluschipranie Download” option.

5. Facebook Photos as HTML

This Google Chrome Extension is another nice to transfer all Facebook album photos either yours or those of your friends. It works via a toolbar. When viewing photos on Facebook, click the button; new page will be created listing all picture thumbnails; use CTRL+S to save this. The destination folder can contain this page + a separate folder with all photos.


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