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Complete Guide to National Parks for Extreme Adventure Lovers in Pakistan

Due to its geographical location, Pakistan not only enjoys the four seasons but also homes several mountain ranges, hills, plateaus, glaciers, rivers, deserts and coastal areas. All of these contribute in making Pakistan a beautiful place to visit.

Jovago Pakistan provides a complete guide to national parks for all those extreme adventure lovers who want to wander and explore the hidden beauty of Pakistan.

  1. Hingol National Park

A very popular destination among adventure lovers, Hingol National Park is situated near Makran Coast. Established in 1988, it is the largest national park in Pakistan and is home to a huge variety of wild animals, birds and reptiles. Around 250 species of flora are found in this park.

  1. Ayubia National Park

More popularly known as Ayubia, the national park is a protected land that covers more than 8,000 acres. It is located in Abbottabad district. It was named after President Ayub Khan. Black Bear, Musk Deer, Grey Goral and Barking Deer are the extinct species of this area.

  1. Kirthar National Park

Located in the Kirthar Mountain Range, Kirthar National Park with an area of over 3,000km² is among the largest national parks of Pakistan. It is home to two wildlife sanctuaries — Hub Dam Wildlife Sanctuary and Mahal Kohistan Wildlife Sanctuary. It is also the first Pakistani park to be included in the United Nations’ list of National Parks around the world.

  1. Margalla Hills National Park

Situated in the capital city of Pakistan, Margalla Hills National Park is widely spread with an area of 31,148 acres at the foothills of Himalayas. Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa along with Lake View Park and Shakarparyan are among the most popular Hill stations of this park.

 If you have visited these national parks which are full of unique species of flora and fauna, then do share your experience with us.


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