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The Democratic Approach (Part 1)


CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED – One of the most important and the least referred to subject in Political Philosophy.

“A government’s legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and legal when `derived from the people or society over which that political power is exercised”

The concept is not just a theory or an opinion. It is supported by the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS by United Nations Organization. The article 21 of the same states that:

“The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government”

What it means is that if the Will of the people is against the prevailing government, the same shall NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY OVER THE PEOPLE OR THE STATE.

In Pakistan, however we have been facing tyranny of governments for decades, each claiming the right to rule via Public consent. The question, however, is why would any nation give someone a consent to kill their children by keeping away the basic necessities of life?

I would address the question at the conclusion of the article. Let’s first look at some glimpses of “Democracy” in Pakistan (The Will of the People/ Consent of the Governed)

We have seen children die of hunger and poverty in Pakistan, in areas where the same Provincial/Federal governments are ruling continuously as sole authorities over decades. The people dying there, do they consent to starve???

This starvation, though one in thousands of calamities reported/unreported each month is related to something the government did not provide. But can there be a government in any civilized country in the world which engineers mass murder of its own civilians? The answer, shockingly, is a YES.

This is an incident from recent past, categorically June the 17th, 2014. In broad day light when the state police mercilessly killed its own innocent citizens. Does any of these strike you as a terrorist? Maybe the lady in Yellow shot in the face? or maybe the bearded old man swimming in his own blood? If the answer is no then there might be some traces of humanity left in you otherwise sane people might label you rightly as a “patwari” (a slang terminology in Pakistan for the paid-followers of the tyrant).

This incident occurred in the heart of the provincial capital of the largest province of Pakistan; Model town, Lahore. The same place where one of the many houses of Chief Minister are located.

Sources confirm that the whole incident was engineered by the Chief Minister of Punjab himself together with his elder brother, the Prime Minister of Pakistan (Don’t be shocked man, did you really think we have democracy here, give me a break). So, the two “Sharif” brothers who practically rule the whole country consulted with the other ministers and government officials (most of whom were family and friends) concluded in a secret meeting that a potential threat to their “Democracy” (yeah they have the media still calling it democracy) could be averted if they kill the son of the one leading the potential revolution. (That would be Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri, A highly educated religious scholar venerated internationally as an ambassador for peace and founder of various international organizations including welfare, educational, religious and political movements-See Wikipedia for a detailed insight into the astonishing personality and his worldwide achievements).

So, the plan was carried out accordingly, except that workers and followers of Dr. Qadri stood in between. The police was thwarted back several times by the empty handed protestors, so the police used “Gullubutts” (patwaris causing violence and mischief with the support of government) and under the command of such GulluButts, shot around 100 of civilians and murdered around 17 of them including two ladies (one of which was pregnant) in a failed attempt to assassinate Dr. Tahir ul Qadri’s son.

It has been six months since the event occurred; people tend to forget what happens with others. But should they? Should the people forget such events so quickly? No they should not, because fire will reach their doorstep one day if they didn’t put out the fire in the neighbor’s house. #ModelTownNotForgotten

The one sided Judicial Commission (rejected by the people), issued a report which was hid from public because the government was directly held responsible in it. This raised suspicion, and now the whole nation agrees that the incident was a planned conspiracy by the government.

Then there was an incident when a protestor was Shot dead by another Gullubutt in Faisalabad during protest against the same government led by another political party by the name of Tehreek e Insaf led by Imran Khan (An excellent cricketer, won a world cup for Pakistan and has been running the first Cancer Hospital in Pakistan where poor are treated free of cost. Known as an honest man likewise his contemporary Dr. Tahir ul Qadri).

Now approaches the Semi-annual ceremony of The Model Town Incident, the day of protest announced by Pakistan Awami Tehreek (of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri) which is likely to be joined by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (of Imran Khan). Let’s hope something good for the nation materializes on that day.

So far I have just shared with you only a very few of the incidents that occurred in Pakistan recently, but the reality is that we are living in such a state of insecurity since decades. So, the question remains that


The answer is plain and simple…
They don’t and I will prove it… just wait for my next article.


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