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How to Effectively Manage and Close Apps in Android Phone

Android smartphones have a number of features which come as a pleasant surprise to their new owners. Multitasking is one of those features which will surprise any user who will be switching to android from an ordinary handset.

androidNowadays, our mid range smartphone market is full of dual core CPU powered devices while the high range devices even come with quad core processors which makes them amazingly fast.

Third Party Apps are Not very Impressive!

If you own an Android device, you can enjoy the multitasking facility and open several apps at the same time. Of course, running multiple apps needs good management as well so that these apps will not make your phone crash. There are task managers available for this purpose at the Google Play store which are mostly not very effective in managing the apps.

Step By Step Method for Closing / Managing Apps:

When you are using multiple apps at the same time and switching from one to another by pressing the home button, your phone can crash due to overload of the apps.  You can avoid this scenario by following these steps:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and tap on ‘Applications’
  • Now tap the option saying ‘Manage Application’
  • Here press the tab which says ‘Running’
  • You will now see all the apps that are running on your device
  • You can now easily force close any app that you don’t need by tapping on it and then pressing ‘Force Close’ button

You will be able to close and manage all of these apps effectively now!

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