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Five Interesting Ways to Spend Your Eidi

With Eid just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make up your mind as to how you plan to spend your Eidi this year. This makes a perfect time to execute all your once unaccomplished wishes. If you are one of those who always make million dollar plans before every Eid but are unable to execute even one of them, this article is exactly meant for you!

Refer to the following ways compiled by Jovago Pakistan on how you can get the maximum bang for your Eidi bucks.

  1. Spend on your most awaited vacation

There is no joy like that of traveling, hands down! So why not spend bucks on something as rewarding and fulfilling as traveling? Check out all the travel websites like to find out about recent deals and vouchers and make your reservation right now, to avoid any prices and rates fluctuations.

  1. Pay out all your dues

Spare yourselves from embarrassing moments of coming in contact with people to whom you owe some money. Pay out all your previous dues and delayed payments and get this burden off your shoulders as soon as you get some cash this Eid.

  1. Give a gift to share your happiness with others

There is no joy like that of sharing your joy with others. This Eid, don’t forget to make some donations and spend on charity to amplify the blessings of this month.

  1. Plan a friends’ day out

Eid is a celebration of togetherness and it makes a perfect time to cherish some happy moments with your friends and family. Spare some time outside your everyday routines and relive your friendship memories with your buddies.

  1. Save for your next vacation

Usually, it is difficult to spare some bucks to save for your next vacation. With Eid round the corner, make a resolution to bag your Eidi to bang your next vacation! Happy Travelling and Eid Mubarak!

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