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Four Astonishingly Beautiful Roads in Pakistan

It is often said that road trips are a good way to explore the beauty of any place. Have you ever wondered why? Amongst many probable reasons, one might be because these trips offer jaw dropping views to the travelers which otherwise would not be possible to be viewed if one is traveling via train or airplane.


If one is planning for a road trip in Pakistan, there are several roads that promise to be a peaceful yet an amazing companion. Jovago Pakistan has compiled a list of roads in Pakistan which are astonishingly beautiful. Here are a few for your reference:

Shigar Road

Situated in the valley of Shigar which is considered the gateway to Karakoram mountain range, this beautifully paved road serves as a connecting point for Skardu city and the mountain range. Shigar Valley offers an alluring view for tourists, as it stands high and mighty in the area Gilgit-Baltistan.

Khunjerab Pass Road

This international border is the highest paved crossing in the world. The Khunjerab Pass also has the highest altitude on the Karakoram Highway. Its construction was completed in 1982 and it connects
Northern areas of Pakistan with Western provinces of China. The rich pasture lands on the Chinese side of the road prove to be excellent grazing grounds for yaks and dzo ( a hybrid of cow and yak).

Makran Coastal Highway

In the southern area of Balochistan lies the semi-desert coastal line of Makran. This coast is home to the city of Gawadar which is in its construction phase to become a deep sea port of Pakistan. Makran coastal highway is a part of Pakistan’s national highway network and is about 653 km long.

Road to Abbottabad via Nathia Gali

This road which is approximately 54 kilometers in length, connects Nathia Gali with Abbottabad. If you are someone who is looking forward to getting enchanted by the scenic beauty, then this road trip is a must.

If you have any other roads in Pakistan which offer spectacular views, then do share them with us in the comments section below.

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