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Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone

You could be thinking that iPhones are merely used for basic things like making calls. But as you will see in this article, you can actually use your iPhone in so many other things.

How to Turn LTE off to Save Battery

You are required to go to the settings, at the general settings tap cellular. Alternatively, you need to switch the toggle for Enable LTE and this can save your battery a great deal.

Lock Your Phone’s Screen Orientation

If you are intending to lock your screen orientation, you need to double tap on the home button and then swipe to the right to initiate a gray circle to the opposite of the rewind button. Tap on this button and a lock will appear. If you turn the phone sideways, the orientation will remain still.

Setting an Alphanumeric Pass Code

When an alpha numeric password is set, an extra layer of protection is added to your phone.

In order to set, go to the settings and tap on the general tap. Go to the middle of the page and select passcode lock. Then, you need to turn off the 1simple passcode’ and enter your alpha numeric pass code.

Tweet a Photo Directly from your Camera Roll

Select a photo from your camera roll. You will see an arrow icon in the bottom left corner. Tap on it and a menu will appear. If you choose tweeter, a menu with that photo will pop up.

Make the iPod App to Stop Playing Music after Some Time

Select a song from the music app, and then go to the clock app. To the bottom right, select timer option than set your specific time. Go to the `when time ends’ tap and tap on it. Stop playing option is to the bottom; you can select in order to end the session.

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