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Home Made Lotion for Acne by Dr Khurram Mushir

Acne is not only the issue of teenagers; it can bother the individuals of any age and can happen at any age so Dr Khurram Mushir has given the solution for it. Given below are 3 ways of preparing lotion for acne to solve the acne problem:

Home Made Lotion for Acne by Dr Khurram Mushir

Home Made Lotion for Acne by Dr Khurram Mushir1. A great lotion for acne can be made by mixing the three ingredients which are calamine lotion, aqua base and resorcinol. One can go to a medical store and ask the worker to prepare the lotion for him/her by adding 10% percent calamine lotion, 20% percent aqua base and 2% percent resorcinol. For getting best results, an individual should apply the lotion three times a day on the acne for 30 minutes.

2. Another excellent method for making a lotion for acne is to take cornmeal flour 1 tablespoon, olive oil 1 tablespoon, peppermint oil 10 drops, ginger half teaspoon, lahori salt ¼ teaspoon and lincomycin lotion 10 drops. For the preparation of the cream; a person has to mix all the ingredients mentioned above and make a lotion, for solving the acne issue he/she has to apply the lotion every day and has to do massage.

3. Here is another great tip of making lotion for acne at home is a person need silver nitrate cream and lactic acid cream in same quantity. One has to mix the both creams and then apply the prepared lotion on the acne by spraying rose water; it is an outstanding way of getting rid of acne by using easily available creams from store.

If any individual is tensed due to the acne problem then first of all he/she should stop eating oily foods because these are the main reason of acne. Consuming a large amount of water helps in solving the issue of acne and other than the fresh fruits are also helpful in that matter, drinking one glass milk by adding 1 pinch turmeric powder in it is another great method of curing acne.One thing which is very important is that one should bot scratch his/her acne or pimple because it can leave scar on the face.

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