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Why Hotels in Pakistan Should Partner With Jovago?

Needless to say, today we are all living in the digital time and space. It won’t be hard to believe that in the coming years, businesses without virtual presence won’t survive in the brutally competitive corporate world.

With travelling increasing domestically and globally, the importance of online existence of your business, especially if you are in the travel and tourism sector has increased tremendously. In a country like Pakistan, the penetration of the e-commerce is still its inception but is growing tremendously. Take the example of the pioneer and the biggest hotel booking website, here.

Formally launched in Pakistan in May 2014, Jovago Pakistan has secured more than 2000 properties in 150 cities within the country. In addition, the inventory is increasing every week; ranging from one-star guesthouses to five-star hotels that are located in all four provinces of Pakistan.

If you too are working in the hospitality industry of Pakistan, here is why you should partner with Jovago Pakistan.

  1. Enjoy the unlimited reach

Unlike the traditional travel agents who have limited pool of customers to offer, Jovago through its online presence is accessible to any potential customer searching for hotel services within Pakistan. Its website gets several thousand clicks every month and its mobile application has secured more than 10,000 downloads on Android. This month, Jovago has also launched its IOS app for all its users in Asia, which has further increased its reach. The travelers can now easily manage their hotel accommodation even while ‘on the go’!

  1. It is the only online hotel booking website with a physical presence in the country

Having its headquarters in Karachi,  Jovago has a very committed workforce that works day in and day out to ensure smooth and comfortable stay of every potential customer that has made hotel booking through Its dedicated local customer service team can be contacted anytime through its helpline 03111-JOVAGO (568246), ensuring that its customers get what they want at the best possible rates!

  1. It provides the Best Price Guarantee

Jovago offers its customers the best hotel price guarantee whereby it is willing to refund the difference if any of its users comes across a cheaper deal online. Pre and post payment options are available for all its hotels and its ever-increasing inventory brings a world of choices based on location, convenience, pricing and comfort for all its website users.

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