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How Can You Use Snapchat to Increase Website Traffic?

Recently, a new social media platform is introduced with the name of Snapchat with the help of which people can send their photos and videos of short time for their friends or other the people they want to.

snapchatWith the help of snap clock a person can set the time from 1 to 10 seconds for which the viewer or receiver can see the picture or video and after that time the picture disappears. Through Snapchat Stories feature a person can make links of shared content that can be seen in atime periodof twenty four hours and after that it also disappears.

Other than the common people, it can be used by the businessmen for the marketing of their businesses.

How Can You Use Snapchat to Increase Website Traffic

Following mentioned are some ways How Can You Use Snapchat to Increase Website Traffic:

  • An individual can use it to announce the special offers which he/she is offering through the business. Online codes can be sent which customers have to use on the website for purchasing the items they want and limited time offers are best to increase the traffic immediately.
  • Sending the previews of the products or the discounts for a few seconds can make them visit the website for getting more information which not only increases the website traffic; it also helps in boosting the sales.
  • Contests are also a great way of attracting viewers on the website, website owners can gather the participants with the help of other social media platforms and rewarding the winning participants also helps in increasing the traffic of website.
  • Individuals can grab the attention of the people by creating games and giving them hints of solving the games with the help of pictures and by declaring that person who will win will get a prize. Individuals can get the viewer’s reply quick by organizing quick-snap where the first person responds to the picture gets a reward.

All the things mentioned above can help a lot in increasing the traffic on a website and other than that the sales can also be increased by using Snapchat.

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