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How to Add Windows Calculator to Quick Access Toolbar in MS Excel 2013


Have you ever used the windows calculator in performing quick calculations when building a spreadsheet in excel? In order to save time, you will be required to add the calculator to the Toolbar for quick access. You are not supposed to leave the program to access the calculator by itself.  You need not to worry about this, it is simple.

The following are the easy steps you can follow in order to successfully add the windows calculator to the quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Excel 2013:

How to Add Windows Calculator to Quick Access Toolbar in MS Excel 2013

In order to successfully do this, you are required to click on the down arrow located to the right side of the quick Toolbar, and then you will select more commands from the drop-down menu.

While on the Quick Access Tool bar, go to the screen on the Excel dialog box and then go to the Choose command on the drop-down and then select Commands Not in the Ribbon.

In the long list, you will be required to Scroll down and select Calculator.  The next thing is to Click Add in order to add the Calculator to the Quick Access Toolbar.

In order to accept the change, you will click on OK. From here you need to close the dialog box.


After this, you will be able to see a calculator icon on your Quick Access Toolbar. While trying to move your mouse over this icon, you will be able to see a hint telling you to “custom”. You will be required to click on this icon and as a result you will be able to open the windows calculator.

You can also use this same procedure if you were trying to add windows calculator to excel 2010.


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