Geo Tau Aisay

How to Avoid Facebook Scams and Hoaxes


The use of Facebook pages and application is increasing day by day and as the use is increasing it is almost impossible to avoid popular Facebook hoaxes and scams, there are some tricky pages on the Facebook that will get themselves installed automatically onto an individual’s account and deliver the private information of an individuals that one does not wants to share even.

These scams range from wrong or incorrect giveaway events to dating ads and free samples, what really matter is the privacy of an individual’s account and below there are some tips about how one can avoid getting the account infested with the popular Facebook scams and hoaxes.

  • Individuals should only sign up if they are really interested, hitting the button of like on an online magazine might not have loads of results although if after doing an individual is bribed to register with the Facebook account in order to get gifts, so the individuals should start getting suspicious because most of the scams uses gifts to get your personal info. Individuals should not fall for these tricks.
  • Individuals should add some extra security to the account, on Facebook there are a number of free applications that an individual can run to make the account more secure and prevent from these scams and hoaxes.
  • Individuals should never give out their personal details, stalking on Facebook is more common than an individual can actually think. Make sure that an individual should not share the personal details such as the address, phone number and especially individuals should avoid sharing the updates like planning an upcoming holiday, this is the exact thing that people with the bad attentions are waiting for.
  • Individuals should keep their mobile phones secure, there are many ads on Facebook which are related to the mobiles and here are some tips to avoid paying an arm and leg for gamming credits and applications on your mobile phone, whenever an individual is asked for the phone number just make sure that he/she is not bound to buy a credit, a service or sign up is necessary for the subscription.


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