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How To Clear Acne Naturally Without Chemicals

There are the best known ways through which your can clear your acne spots off your face without the involvement of too many chemicals in your body. The following steps can help you clear your acne in a natural way that doesn’t involve any chemicals.


Step 1:

Using honey every morning to cleanse your face, it is one of the best natural ways of clearing your acne. Use half teaspoonful of honey and massage your face using fingers.

Step 2:

You are required to cleanse your face every morning using soup. Yu should know that one people sleep, their faces becomes more oilier; oils is what makes up acne and should therefore get washed away once you wake up every morning.

Step 3:

The best method of cleansing oil from your body is by using homemade acne oil specifically meant for this purpose.

Step 4:

Another greater technique of clearing acne spots from your face is using a toner known as – Apple Cider Vinegar. In this case you are required to use a mixture of one third raw apple cider vinegar and two third alcohol free hazel; this mixture is good very good for the skin as apple cider contains a high content of exfoliating acids that are good in tackling acne alongside balancing the PH of the skin.

The best mixture for the above procedure is to use Honey and then mix it with Cinnamon and Nutmeg. The following is the procedure on how you can make this mixture:

  • Mix a small amount of cinnamon with raw honey to form a paste
  • Then, you are required to add a small amount of freshly grated nutmeg to this paste
  • You need to store this mixture in a small jar at a safe place
  • You can use it as a face mask and after you apply it, you need to leave it for like 15 to 20 minutes before washing it away.

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