How to Convert Emails to PDF through Email itself


Majority of people find it difficult in converting their sent or received emails into a PDF format. The following are easier steps that you can follow to guide you on how to convert Emails to PDF using Email itself. PDF is a file format used to making a document independent of operating system and application software. PDF files are useful documents in almost every office as they are commonly used in their day to day operations. The major advantage of a PDF file is its ability to be compatible with most operating systems without causing any problem with the software and hardware.

Emails to PDF

email-to-pdfDue to the fact that Google Chrome comes with a PDF writer, it is easier for one to convert any mails into PDF files within the browser itself. However, it is important to note that a PDF conversion app might be required for those using mobiles or tablets in reading these files.

Alternatively, you can convert emails into PDF is by forwarding your original mails to [email protected]. Within seconds of forwarding, you will receive a PDF version from this service.  This service applies for both plain text and HTML tags and your conversion can be done quite appropriately.

Incase you wanted to convert Excel, Word or PowerPoint files in your Email; just forward [email protected] and you will immediately receive these files in a PDF format.

Web pages can also get converted into PDF formats by sending their address. For instance, you can send the URL of the web page to [email protected] and from this service you will receive your full page in a fully converted PDF format.

When doing all of these conversions, you need not to worry about the possibility of your files getting stored in the server. Due to the service coz privacy policy, your email messages or files are not stored on the server during conversion and you can get them back. For more information about this topic you can contact us on our site and with the help of our experts you will get the full information on your questions.