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How to cope up with Jet lag?

There is no feeling like finally reaching your desired destination. However, it is important to cope up with your jet lag before it starts to ruin your travel. As unusual as it may sound, it is absolutely possible to cope up with your Jet lag if you start mentally preparing for it well in time.

Following are tips and tricks introduced by Jovago, Pakistan’s largest online hotel booking website that will help you minimize your jet lag so that you may start to enjoy your stay at a new place as soon as possible.

  1. Adjust your schedule according to new time zone

Start functioning according to your new time zone days in advance of your travel. This way you can easily adapt to the changes in your circadian rhythms once you reach to your desired destination. It is always a good idea to check travel blogs sharing experiences of travelers about how they dealt with their jet lags.

  1. Prepare for new time zone while in flight

Adjust your clock according to new time during the flight. This has a psychological effect of preparing yourself according to the new time zone even before you reach the new destination.

  1. Stay hydrated throughout the flight

This might be a bit challenging especially during Ramzan. However, having a healthy Sehri during your travel usually helps to stay hydrated throughout your journey which in return helps you to easily adjust to new circadian rhythms.

  1. Reach your destination early

If you have to attend any event at your destination, try to arrive a few days early so that your mind and body can adjust to the new time zones.

  1. Minimize sleep distractions

Most often the travelers face insomnia due to time zone differences. It is therefore recommended to minimize any sleep distractions during the initial days of reaching your destination. In addition, the intake of high carb or fatty diet close to bedtime should be avoided as it can exacerbate sleep distractions.

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