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How to Download Files from the Web Directly To Your Online Drives


You could be one of those wondering how to save your files directly from the web to your online drive. The following is an app that if you use it, you will be able to save files directly from the web to any of your drivers i.e. Google Drive, Windows SkyDrive or Dropbox. To access this app to Download Files from the Web Directly To Your Online Drives, you do not need to bother yourself with signing up, or wonder about the need for extensions. Further, this app is also applicable to mobiles as well.

How to Download Files from the Web Directly To Your Online Drive

Copy Internet files to your account, via the cloud

In order to start, you are required to get the URL of a web where the file you want is, then put it in the input box. Next, you need to pick a storage service, as result you will get a copy of that file appearing in your cloud drive immediately. If incase you want to save a HTML page, then you are required to put a web page URLs in the input box. The following are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to use this app.

If you are using a tablet or a mobile phone, then you will be able to save your files very fast without the need of a 3G data connection. This is because your file transfer will take place via the cloud.

On top of functioning as a proxy, this app will also allow you to download files from websites that are not working in your country or area of residence. You will only be required to know the URL of that file.

Users associated with Chromebook may find this more useful as the Dropbox or SkyDrive clients cannot be installed on these machines. This is really an advantage to these users. This is because SkyDrive and DropBox online drives cannot be used in Chrome and they can therefore not be able to install these in their systems. This will therefore act as their great alternative. File Picker is the responsible for powering this app that saves files in the cloud.


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