How to Encrypt Your Message in Gmail [Secure Your Email]


Gmail users have fearing for their confidential issues due to the emergency of fraudsters. More information about how to take precautions and measures on privacy has been floating but there has been little information on how you can secure your Gmail privacy.

Google has not been doing a good job as far as encrypting of your message is concerned. Instead, Google even goes ahead to scan your mail content in order to give you related ads. However, if you are looking for an opportunity to fix this problem by your own, you should not worry because `Chrome extension – Secure Gmail’ will enable you do that. Go to the Google Chrome and install the Secure Gmail extension.

Encrypt Your Message in Gmail

You may be required to refresh the browser if you are already logged in to Gmail, but if not then just log in. once done, click on the Lock icon. This will trigger the new secured Compose window to open up. On this window you can compose any message just like you do always. You will notice at the bottom of the window `saved failed’, this confirms that your draft was not saved in Google server.

After completing drafting your message, click on the `Send Encrypted’ button. This will trigger a dialog box to appear and you will be required to enter a password for this message.  On the part of your recipients, they will be required to decrypt the message. The message to your recipient will then be viewed by the recipient having to click Decrypt message with password’ and then enter the password. Just incase your recipient does not a secure Gmail installed, he will be required to install the extension so as to view this message.

In conclusion, for you to a secure Gmail it requires your recipient to also have extensions installed so as to have proper communications. This is therefore a cumbersome exercise and to evade this encrypting your Gmail message can save you the mess.