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How to Get Lustrous Hair?


In present time almost everyone wants to have smooth, shinny, glossy and radiant hair but unfortunately fails to attain so. It is really cool when a new product comes along and which make our life easier especially when it is a time of different straightening tools including hot combs, flat irons and curling irons. For this Apalus introduced a new hair tool, a straightening brush which adds a new component to our hair grooming and care.

It is basically a digital brush which offers us all of the handiness of a flat iron. Using a flat iron is somewhat not very convenient because it is difficult for most of us to handle a flat iron and also our comb at the same time and due to this we cannot go through every single portion of our hair and so did not get the desired result. This tool is very flexible as it works with every type of hair texture, whether rough, dry, smooth and silky.It has bristles which are equally stunned and so allows us to detangle, manipulate and also straighten hair at the same time.

One of its best features is that it is made up of ceramic substance and is particularly light weight, each of its bristle is iron coated and there is also an iron plate which is situated under the bristles. It has also a heat controlling feature which offers different temperature settings. For temperature control plus and minus regulators are positioned on its handle through which you can easily adjust the temperature. It has a tendency to warm up rapidly and the maximum temperature it offers is around 230 degrees.

You should hold that product with full care because except its handle the upper part of the brush contains more heat. The bristles along the ends of the brush remain at the room temperature and one of its best feature is that it is antiburning and couldn’t hurt you.

The only thing you have to do is to simply plug it and allow it to heat up till your required temperature, and then start straightening your hair and you will get outcome in less than two seconds.

Particularly this straightening brush is very simple to use, you just have to brush your hair as you usually do and there is no need to comb your in order to remove tangle before straightening. The only thing you should keep in mind is to make sure you are taking small segment of your hair mainly if you have long hair. If you pay more attention towards every single strand of your hair heat is evenly distributed among them and you will get better result.

So this digital straightening brush by Apalus is the tool everyone’s looking for. It is very convenient and also gives us that well groomed, shinny hair we wished for as it has the ability to give exceptionally even look to our hair.


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