Geo Tau Aisay

How to Get Old WordPress Interface in WordPress 3.8


Not all the individuals like this new WordPress Admin interface, the new one is very stylish, modern and sleek for sure but some of the individuals simply don’t like it. If you are also from one those individuals who don’t like it then you’re in luck, the best advantage of an open source is that if the individuals want to change something they can always get some solutions which can help them.

wordpressIndividuals should keep using the older version because they might not like the new version of WordPress interface, it is best to update the older version of the WordPress to the new version. If individuals have already done this, then a person can change the admin color schemes and check if there are some schemes that a person would love to change. If an individuals is still confused about that he/she want the Old WordPress admin UI then all they have to do is install the wp-admin classic and activate it, it works out best when activated. The admin interface of the individual will alternate back to the old wp-admin UI design and the layout.

If an individuals want to get the Old WordPress interface the developers have created a plugin to change the colors of its Dashboard, this also helps an individuals to make the Dashboard as it was before. But before starting this, it is better for the individuals to avoid using the older version because behind every update there is a story, and you can also say behind every update there is a bug fix. It is better for the individuals to avoid using the older versions because whenever any company catches a bug in their software or product, the company releases a new update.

To change the admin interference of the WordPress 3.8 the developers have created a plugin, if you want to get the old WordPress into WordPress 3.8 all an individuals have to do is simply go to the admin interface and activate the plugin in order to get the latest version.


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