How to Hide Photos on iPhone without using any App


Due to their excellent and advanced features, iPhones have become of the most used smartphones in the present days. Most of these features are quite interesting and above all they provide you with the king of privacy that you are looking for. For instance, if you wanted to hide some pictures from your lover you can do just that.

iphoneThis task of hiding your photos from people you don’t want to access is done by some apps located in the app store. By ensuring privacy, these apps will provide you with passwords or what is called dropbox.

The first thing that you are required to do is to transfer the pictures that you are looking to protect from your camera to the Dropbox. You will then be required to add a 4-digit passcode to this Dropbox app. This will ensure that people without this passcode will not be able to access your pictures.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone without using any App

Another tricky for you to hide photos on iphone without the need of putting in passwords on your app is as follows:

  • Just open your photo gallery and then tap on the photo you are intending to hide.
  • Click on Edit and then go the bottom of the photo gallery, get the Crop tool and tab on it.
  • Next, you are required to drag the corners of the crop box in a way that leaves a small image visible inside that box.
  • You will then need to save that cropped version and by so doing, your initial image in the camera roll will be replaced.

You might wonder how to retrieve your original pictures. While editing pictures inside the iOS, your original copy doesn’t get lost or rather it gets saved alongside the edited one. This is therefore interesting for those ones interested in getting back to their original images.