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How To Optimize WordPress in a Better Way?


WordPress is one of the best application for making a website, whether its a blog, business website or an ecommerce website wordpress gives your complete solution to your requirement. You can make a complete online store on your wordpress website. Optimizing WordPress is a bit tricky issue faced by webmasters. Here are some tips through which you can optimize wordpress website in a better way.

Optimizing WordPress in a Better Way:

wordpressThe load on the server is increased by using a lot of plug-ins so; a website owner should keep check on the number of plug-ins he/she has installed. A person has to lose the functionality by removing the plug-ins which are not so much important but removing the unnecessary ones will keep the website running fast and it also decrease the load on the server.

A website owner should focus on the posy-level plug-ins because a large amount of traffic goes to the posts, only 20 percent traffic view the other pages of the website.

A large part of the work a WordPress website does is connected with receiving, storing, deleting and updating information on its database. So, a person should pay attention to optimize the database tables of his/her website because it can affect the website’s performance to a large extent. A great plugin that can be used for this is WP-Optimize. It helps a person in removing the post revisions, in cleaning the comments and many more.

A person should keep up with the latest WordPress version. This gives a guarantee that the website will run great and remain secure.

A website owner should always keep the plugins and themes updated for keeping the website operates fast and secure.

A website owner should always keep a check that any plugins that he/she is not using are deactivated; this will help in decreasing the load from the server. A person should choose the plugins carefully because some will increase the load on the database and it slow down the performance of the website.

Before installing the themes make sure that no any theme contains any spam or malware.

One should always use a great hosting company because no any other thing can slow down the website like bad hosting.

A person should backup his/her website one time in a day. Backup to Dropbox can be used to back up the website to the Dropbox folder.

If the rate of visitor is high on the website then CDN for content delivery should be used.


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