How to Write a Killer Press Release


Press Release is one of the most important thing for any business online or offline because it give the impression about the company. Many people are aware of its importance but don’t know how to write killer press release for their business. If you have been wondering how you can write a killer press release, then here are the steps to guide you.

Make it Newsworthy

Writing a press release on anything you think of is not a good idea. Come up with something new and interesting to people and this will come as news to people.

The Headline

When writing a news release, make sure that its headline is as short and effective as possible.  You should be aware that a press release is not a promotional piece or rather it is a factual piece and should therefore have a factual headline.

The Body Copy

The body of a press should including things that look like an advertisement ad.   Avoid things like exclamation marks, use of hype, marketing speak and such like things.

Basic Structure

Ensure that your body is structured as follows: your into paragraph should cover the 5`W`s i.e. what who, when where and why. Let your second paragraph have more support info from you, while  the third paragraph should  have more support info, fourth paragraph should contain a testimonial from a client, a fifth paragraph should have a boilerplate info about your company and finally a short final paragraph with contact info. Ensure your paragraphs are kept as short as possible.

Add Testimonials

For a good press release, make sure to include one or two testimonials because it will give your piece more credibility.

Get approval from your Client, Organization or Individuals

Make sure to get approval of any of the mentioned entities before quoting them in your press release. You may get trouble should you decide to mention anybody without his/her approval.

Optimize Your Press Release

In order to ensure that your press release get good search engine optimization. Ensure that while writing it you have included 5-10 keywords or phrases. Press releases that have been optimized through this way are more likely to be accessed by people because of their easy of search on the internet.

After you are done with this process, you are required to post it online.  It will be upon your financial capability to choose which distribution service to use. However, most of these distribution services will require you to choose the industry and the media you want to reach. You will also be required to include images, keywords and logos.