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Huawei celebrates Ramadan Offering Special Gifts & Surprizes for The Customers

Huawei Pakistan has unfolded its plan to celebrate the Holy month Ramadan by offering special and exciting prizes to its customers, who visit any Huawei Care Centre, alongwith the remarkable contests at the digital forum as well. Huawei has always been up to such remarkable activities and campaigns where its loyal Customers are being valued and Huawei expresses its deep care for them. Previously, Huawei has also organized different campaigns other than Ramadan campaigns to serve its customers and consumer market has been admiring the norms Huawei follow to respect the social and cultural and religious festivals of the Pakistani consumers. During all such campaigns, Huawei use to offer valuable gifts/giveaways and big discounts to the customers.


This Ramadan the Huawei campaign is very attractive as the company is providing free gifts and giveaways to the customers who visit the Huawei Service Centers Pakistan. All the visitor has to do is simply click his/her picture while visiting the Huawei Service Center and upload on the social media along with the hash tag #HuaweiCare. Moreover, the participants can be the part of lucky draw and win the Huawei P9 at the end of the Holy Ramadan.  Obviously, Huawei really cares for the valued customers and loyal brand lovers. Hence the campaigns must be considered as a gesture of special treatment and boon for the customers in Pakistan. Huawei is committed to enriching the lifestyle of its loyal consumers, by presenting pioneering technologies and other delightful offers and gifts.

Moreover, Huawei has revealed that during the whole month of Ramadan, the company will be conducting different campaigns on the digital forum as well. On the digital forum there will be three different activities of the different ASHRA (each 10 days) of Ramadan. And finally the digital campaign will culminate at the Eid Campaign. During the first Ashra Huawei will highlight the Camera features of its recently launched flagship smart phone; Huawei P9. Participants from all over the country will have to use the monochrome camera of their P9 and share their pictures especially of mosques. This will be an opportunity for everyone to reflect the Ramadan activities and rituals one perform or offer. The entries, hence shared, will be shortlisted and remarkable gifts and giveaways will be provided to the winners. Adding to this, Huawei will upload the best of these pictures on the official social media Page of Huawei Pakistan.

In the second Ashra Huawei will conduct a campaign of food photography, where the participants will have to use the Panoramic Landscape mode of their Huawei P9 camera while enjoying the Ramadan festivities. Again, the pictures will be uploaded to the social media forums with a hash tag of #RamazanInPakistan. The short listing for the best one will follow the same suit as mentioned in the first campaign, however, the social media followers will be engaged here to vote for the best or the potential winner. The winner will be awarded with the Huawei P9 Lite smart phone.

There will be an Eid Campaign of three days as well. During the Eid campaign the participants will be asked for sharing their funny videos of Eid while using the hash tag #EidInPakistan. The winner of this Eid campaign will be awarded with a whole Eid Package that includes a Huawei P9. Huawei team will visit the winner with his gift package and made his Eid memorable.

As the holy month proceeds, Huawei will be conducting many more fun activities, to keep their customers engaged, by sharing their social values, religious traditions and festivals. That is what makes Huawei a socially-embedded enterprise, that is readily becoming the most successful technology brand around the world, while also winning numerous prestigious awards in Pakistan.

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