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Huawei P9 Plus; An Innovation in the Smart World

Huawei P9 Plus is a unique smart phone, recently launched in Pakistan, that not only offers a dual camera features but, this flagship smart phone also has some extra ordinary features that no other smart phone in the market currently offers. Huawei has always known for its innovative approach in the production of smart phone and high technology products. And even more important is the fact that such innovations have been tremendously attracting the consumer market that no other brand could claim the same.

Huawei P9 Plus has a special feature, offering the user control for the TV and Air conditioner simply by using the Huawei P9 Plus smart phone. Indeed, this is the feature where the users do not have to bother about the separate remote control devices to change the TV channels or to adjust the temperature of their Air Conditioner. Huawei P9 Plus is such a gift by the technology giant that has turned the life easier and more comfortable.

Another interesting feature is the dual SIM option in the Huawei P9 Plus. Although, there are smart phones in the market with the dual SIM card options, but the difference in Huawei P9 Plus is that it offers the users with the both SIM active simultaneously, even if the user has a call on one of these. This is surely a feature not available in other competitors’ products in the market.

Third and the most exciting thing the customers have been attracted towards being the Dual 4G SIM activation in Huawei P9 Plus. This is really an innovative idea by the Huawei Technologies. As the smart phone users usually having Dual SIM in their smart phones were not able to use 4G internet on both at a time. But, the Huawei has changed the concept. Now the technology lovers can surf fastest 4G internet on their both SIM cards due to the remarkble concept introduced by Huawei.

These are the distinct features available exclusively with Huawei P9 Plus, making Huawei Pakistan the only technology manufacturer in the market that introduces some extraordinary and surprising features in its products. Same is the reason of confidence the consumer market has built in the company. No doubt Huawei has a potential to become the world number 1 technology manufacturer in near future.

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