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Huawei Postal Service Receives An Overwhelming Response

Huawei brand lovers has warmly responded to the recently launched Huawei Postal Service by the company. And in the light of the overwhelming accolade company has decided to widen the scope of the service and upgrading the postal service by allowing all the warranty handsets for the claiming the service. However it will not cover the accidental damages or the non-warranty Huawei phones.

It is truly an innovative idea for a technology giant like Huawei, having promising international standing in the technology market, to initiate such a kind of postal service. Huawei Postal service has turned the repair of the Huawei brand smart phones more convenient and time saving. All that the users have to do is just a phone call to the Huawei-Care Team on 0800-00016 and the company will collect the device through courier service literally from the complainant’s home or office.

Moreover, after the resolving of the issue (service / repair) Huawei will hand over the smart phone again at the door steps of the Huawei smart phone user. And as previously announced Huawei Postal Service does not charge any fee for collecting, delivering back and the service or repair of the smart phone through Postal service.

Another promising aspect of Huawei Postal Service is that the company provides complete services including repair, replacement of genuine parts (in case required) and maintenance. Moreover, the services Huawei have a team of a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers for the said purpose as well.

Huawei Pakistan’s Deputy General Manager – Mr. Fraz Malik Khan stated that: “Huawei has received an overwhelming response for the newly introduced Huawei Postal service. And to facilitate the loyal customers in Pakistan Huawei has decided to upgrade the service for all the warranty handsets. Also Huawei will continue to bring an innovative approach in its products and services because customer facilitation and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance.”

Huawei has been setting distinct norms in the technology spheres where customers are considered as factor to gauge the policies and future plans keeping the whole approach customer-centric. The brand following Huawei has achieved so is remarkably higher in term of growth ratio. Also designing after-sale services concept and valuing the customer demand enables the company to stand among the top 3 of the technology manufacturers in the world.

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