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Imran Khan and Arif Alvi Leaked Phone tape over PTV Attack

Imran Khan and Arif Alvi Leaked Phone tape indicates Imran’s involvement in shutting down PTV transmission.

Islamabad, Pakistan: One audio conversation between Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf Chief Imran Khan and leader Dr; Arif Alvi has come on surface. The credibility of the audio is not Clear but it has become trending and viral on social media. This conversation is allegedly on the same day when PTI workers allegedly took over State run television station in Islamabad and international transmissions of the Pakistan Television Corporation were closed down for over 1 hour. This audio conversation was uploaded on social media on March 26, 3:03 pm

Here is lose operative verbatim of this audio in which Imran Khan is encouraging the termination of PTV transmission that earned a bad name for the country all over the world and people thought that Pakistan as state has been collapsed:

Dr Aliv: Khan sahib the transmission of PTV has been closed down

Imran Khan: That is good otherwise Nawaz (Prime Minister Sharif) will not resign. He must resign before joint session.

This is less than one minute audio recording. Political circles in Islamabad believe that this audio recording was with only one institution and it seems that this institution is no more supporting Imran Khan.

Now this bastard (Prime Minister Nawaz) will know the situation
Things are fixed with MQM but I am still waiting for their telephone call

It should also be mentioned that Minister Information Pervaiz Rashid also highlighted this issue in one of his press conference that PTI was behind this act which was carried out at PTV Headquarter. Imran Khan also claimed that he was sleeping when PTV building was attacked and he had no idea about it but in the audio tape we can listen that Arif Alvi is informing Imran Khan that Transmission has been shutdown while building is being captured.

Via: DND

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