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How to Increase your Search Engine Visibility


In order to increase your search engine visibility to your website, you are required to do a number of things.

Improve Your Title Tags.

How to Increase your Search Engine VisibilityTitle tags are one of the things that can help your website to be ranked well with search engines. The following are things you can do to improve your title tags:

  • Ensure to use the same words as you think your clients will more likely to use while reaching for information online.
  • Your are also required to use unique titles in each page. Remember that each page on your site will present a chance to your site to be found by search engines; and should therefore contain unique titles.
  • Ensure your titles are fronted with the best keywords i.e. playing with children: a practical guide.

Make it easy for search engines

  • Avoid Flash navigation.  Despite the fact that flash is nice, make sure to avoid it for navigation because it might tamper with search engine visibility.
  • Get rid of frames.  The other thing to be avoided is frames. Search engines have of late improved their performance with framed sites but there is still a problem.
  • Ensure you have done away with all navigation that relies on JavaScript.

Get More Incoming Links

  • Ensure you have been listed in established directories. It is important to know that those directories with paid options offer good possibility for search engines.
  • You are required to Market your articles.  In order to do this, you are required to use an article distribution service like iSnare or The Phantom Writers. With this, you will be assured to reach to as much audience as possible.
  • Create link-worthy content. Remember that there would be no one going to link your online brochure to people. You should create good content that is so interesting and can attract customers.


If indeed you have taken time looking at the above advice, there would be no reason why you cannot be successful in improving your website’s ranking in search engines. With good ranking, your business is more likely to prosper as there would be more people flocking into your site for information.


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