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Kindle App For iOS Devices Updated with Audible Progressive Play and More

This morning Amazon released a major update of Kindle app for iOS devices which now offers users a variety of new and interesting features, including update of Goodreads integration, Audible Progressive Play, Kindle Unlimited Integrations and many more.


One of the highlighted features of this new update is the integration with Goodreads, now users can share their reading progress, quotes, reviews and ratings with their fellow network readers on world’s largest social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Kindle app users will also be able to review Goodreads books directly from their iOS devices.

The other interesting feature is introduced only for iPad users is the Book Browser, which makes it really simple for Kindle Unlimited subscribers to browse and read title immediately, that’s a kind of big deal for people using Kindle app on iOS device.

Another feature introduced with this update is a new welcome experience where readers can select and their favorite books and want to read in order to receive personalized recommendations of books to try.

Here are some other updates in the new version of Kindle app for iOS devices:

  • User can view books details by simple long-pressing a book cover
  • Audio books can be played during downloading
  • ‘Next in Series’ feature will let you to add the upcoming title in your wish list

The updated app is out now on iTunes.

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