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Leepa Valley- the Mini Kashmir

Leepa valley is located in Azad Kashmir, at 105 kilometers distance from Muzaffarabad. This valley is famously known as heart of Kashmir or the Mini Kashmir as it gives a perfect depiction of the heavenly beauty of Kashmir. It is covered in a blanket of white snow six months in a year and is only accessible between May and November. Even in summer, the valley has a pleasant, cold weather that is enjoyed by the tourists.


The valley is surrounded by high mountains that are covered with pine trees. The fascinating Leepa Valley consists of many villages, the most famous being Leepa and Reshian. All these villages equally contribute to the brilliant medley of patterns that this valley is naturally granted with. Leepa is also famous for its distinctive Kashmiri style architecture, mostly in the form of 3 storied wooden houses.



Ziarat is a place that consists of a bunch of tombs of renowned saints and sits on the control line. Half of Ziarat is situated in Azad Kashmir while the back wall is in Occupied Kashmir. This place lets you get the closest to the control line. This place is worth the visit for sure as it not only provides peace to the mind but is a treat to the eyes too.

Dao Khan

This tourist spot is recognized for its flawless natural beauty. It is well known for its calm and peaceful environment. The place is approached by an unpaved road which is available from AJK Tourism department. If you want to experience panoramic views, this is the place you have been looking for.


It is a village belonging to the Leepa valley and stands on an altitude of 2226 meters. This place is very welcoming with several accommodation options for tourists. If you are a fan of Kashmiri people, lifestyle and architecture; you must visit Chananian village on your trip to the Leepa valley.



The valley has many hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy Pakistani cuisine with the specialty being Kashmiri food.


Reshain commercial shopping street is the most popular shopping area where you can easily buy warm clothes for winter as well as Kashmiri essentials to take home. There are several other different shops spread across the valley.


You may easily find local hotels in Leepa valley near Chananian and Reshian Villages. You can also log on to that has more than 120 hotel options in Azad Kashmir and you may select the one relevant to your location and other amenities.


Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard) are accepted by the ATM.

Exchange Rate Rate

Country Code

058810- Muzaffarabad


The closest airport to Leepa Valley is Muzaffarabad Airport. You can take a car/bus ride on a metaled road that branches off for Leepa from Naily, 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad.

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