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Male travel Versus Female Travel

Have you ever wondered why ‘all boys travel’ and ‘girls day out’ are getting so popular these days? Undeniably, things go so smoothly and hassle free when you get to travel with your own gender mates. The differences in habits are hard to ignore when it comes to travelling. Right from the motivation behind the travel to how your travel is planned and executed, the differences in both these genders are hardly arguable.

Check out how varying travel preferences are of a male versus a female in the list below compiled by Jovago Pakistan.

Motivation behind the travel

Women tend to travel for more personal reasons than men. They often prefer some lone retreats while on voyage to allow themselves some self contemplation and self exploration. However, men on the other hand, are more adventure lovers and it is most often the thrill of travelling that makes them be ‘on the go’.

The primary concern while travelling

A research found out that women are more concerned about packing when it comes to preparing for travel as opposed to males, whose primary concern is to make a hotel booking to ensure a comfortable stay while on the voyage.

Group travel versus solo travel

Be it due to security concerns or some other reasons, females usually prefer to travel in small groups as opposed to men who prefer solo travel. It is generally observed that men like to make their travel more independent as opposed to female,s who enjoy having a support system of a group during the voyage.

Spending Patterns

There is no escaping from shedding money on shopping when it comes to travelling. However, it is generally observed that women like to spend more on clothes and duty free items while travelling, as opposed to men who like to spend more on foods and drinks instead.

Have you ever travelled with an opposite gender? What were your observations? Share with us in the comments below!

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