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How Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella Completely Changed The Company

The new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has altered the company completely in the time period of 6 days.

First of all, Office for iPad was announced by him, releasing a touch version of Office for Apple’s tablet prior Microsoft had a touch version of Office for Windows and after that during Build, Microsoft’s conference for developers, he announced that Windows will be free for all devices with nine-inch or screens which are smaller than that.

How Microsoft's New CEO Satya Nadella Completely Changed The Company

Nadella enacted a mini-reorg at Microsoft, shuffling the executive ranks, which is also included in the alteration which is done to Microsoft. Analysts and pundits have been telling Microsoft for past many years that its business model will not have any good impact on phones and tablets.

Computer makers had to pay almost $100 to Microsoft for a Windows license and for phones it was charging less, which was in-between $15 and $20. But after Google created a famous operating system and without charges, there was a benefit for a phone maker to use Windows. The same thing is for the tablets.

Microsoft never gives its software as it is not an advertising company such as Google. Google makes money when a person makes use of the Internet but Microsoft makes money when a person pays for its software. But now as it is providing Windows freeMicrosoft is making an effort to make money on services and other software that comes with Windows.

Like the Microsoft devices users have been telling Microsoft to give away its software, they are also requesting it to get Office on the iPad. According to the analyst’s estimate, it can give a huge profit to the company and other than getting profit, it is good for the future of the company.

The credit of that big decision of changing the whole company does not only go to the new CEO as the former CEO also does a lot of things for the company.

This week, what Nadella said during both his presentations seemed more realistic. According to him, Microsoft is no longer the dominant force and that it requires acting like a hungry startup.

With the changes made to the company and in the hands of the new different CEO as he is not like the former CEO, the company is acting like a different company.

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