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Movies that will make you want to travel again and again

Have you ever wondered about the reasons that trigger the urge to pack your bags and set off on a voyage? Amongst the many possible reasons which provide you with the opportunity to explore a place, movies might also stir the wanderlust within you.

Man toting luggage in dry lake bed, rear view

Jovago Pakistan has compiled a list of must watch movies that will most probably make you a little weak at the knees to visit places you’ve never been too.

The Great Gatsby

A spectacular adaptation of the famous literary classic, The Great Gatsby has spiked interest among travelers to explore the Gold Coast mansion situated on Long Island, New York. It is believed that the opulent, 25-room mansion served as the residing place for Jay Gatsby.

Midnight in Paris

Based on the beautiful fusion of romance and comedy, Midnight in Paris actually makes you want to pack your bags and set on a tour de Paris. The movie portrays some of the spectacular places that the global hub of fashion and cuisine has to offer.

Before Midnight

The third in the Before trilogy, this beautiful movie is about a couple’s perspectives on love, marriage and long-term commitment. In the movie, the couple spends their vacations on the specular Greek peninsula. Although Greece needs no introduction when it comes to best tourist locations, by watching this movie the resolution to visit the country famous for its rich history and exotic beauty becomes only stronger.

The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie is a biopic of the Ernesto “Che” Guevara who was an Argentinian revolutionary. With the aim to explore the South American continent, the actor along with his friend sets off on a four month, motorcycle trip comprising of 8000 km. From exploring the Argentinian capital to the Venezuelan peninsula, the movie makes you want to visit the beautiful South American continent.

If you have any other movies that made you pack your bags and set off on exploring a place, then share it with us in the comments section below.

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