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Myths about Traveling Within Pakistan


Pakistan is probably one of the most misjudged countries in the world. Most people fail to see what lies underneath the media reportage stressing on the challenges facing the country today. Not only outsiders but local Pakistanis also have created a pre notion of traveling within Pakistan as risky. If you are also one of those who think many times before planning your trip to explore Pakistan, this article is just for you.

There are quite a lot of myths attached to traveling within Pakistan. Keep reading to find the list of these misconceptions and the realities of travel and tourism in Pakistan.

1. There is nothing to see/do for a tourist

Pakistan is rich in high mountains, spectacular valleys surrounded by beautiful lakes, historical monuments and places, attractive hill stations and much more. Apart from the immense natural beauty, there are severalman made attractions like Patriata, Hingol National park and Khewra salt mines. Before you plan to head out to foreign countries, you must explore your country first instead of believing in the false fact that Pakistan has nothing in it for a tourist.

2. Pakistani people are hostile

We sometimes mistake to love our hometown/city more than our country and start comparing. We believe that people from a certain city are unwelcoming while we are the most hospitable people ever. Foreigners believe that Pakistanis are unwelcoming and aggressive. We need to acknowledge the fact that we are more than welcoming and we treat our guests very well. People throughout the country are true Pakistanis and we may differ in ethnicities, we are very much similar in several ways.

3. Pakistan is an unsafe and dirty land

Just because we have been the target terrorism a few times, people have associated Pakistan and its people as terrorists. If we were terrorists, we would harm others instead of our own homeland. You can most definitely travel freely in any area of the country. We are a country that facilitate and welcome tourists/travelers with an open and happy heart. Pakistan only lacks proper infrastructure which will be catered to very soon. It’s not dirty but beautiful like anything.

Apart from these myths that are absolutely not true, Pakistan has so much more to give to its people and tourists. Explore the beautiful spots, try the wide variety of Pakistani food, discover different cultures of the country and get a hang of the bounties that our country is blessed with. Be proud of your country and support tourism in Pakistan.


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