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An Open Letter to Imran Khan

My brief political life spanning over three years has been dedicated to support the PTI cause. However, as an ordinary Pakistani citizen and an active ex PTI supporter, it is my right to look for sanity in all PTI politics, especially your decisions, movers and maneuvers.

After careful meditation the whole of my family decided to vote for you and support PTI in general elections May, 2013. Pakistan Peoples Party had successfully discredited itself during its period & PMLN was already famous for its links with the banned outfits in Pakistan. You promised the change, a New Pakistan and the end of all corruption in just 90 days; you became a ray of hope and logic to live positively. We believed whatever you promised and voted for PTI. A dream of New Pakistan brightened our vision.


Unfortunately, things did not go the way we expected. A massive rigging took place and PMLN plundered our mandate. Annoyed and frustrated, we waited for Tsunami march that was promised if anyone rigged elections. We came out of our homes and took to roads but you accepted the elections results and constituted a PTI government in KPK along with JI. Honoring your decision and strengthening your hands, we ended our protests.

Nonetheless, the KPK government’s performance failed to come up to the mark. You promised a change in the system of education, but what we saw in KPK students taking their examinations in open places under rain. I couldn’t sleep for weeks when I learnt the sad story of Aitizaz Hussain. When you were busy advocating the beasts of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, this 16 year old youth stood up for his fellow students, sacrificed his life and saved the school. You promised us merit but I am sorry, in KPK, Mr. Khattak awarded his relatives and totally ignored merit. You promised to educate the police but we saw them beating the poor IDP’s. You promised to end all the moral corruption, but I find your supporters and followers abusing anyone who disagrees to you. You promised equal health facilities for all but my fellow doctors are protesting for their rights in KPK.

I remember when Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri staged a sit-in for electoral reforms in Jan 2013you refused to join him saying you did not want to harm the system.Now you are striving to uproot the same system.Spending a year in the system, suddenly you decided to march towards Islamabad & raised the slogan of revolution. The suddenness of the occurrence gave birth to rumors about some London Plan. Initially, you refused to have any meeting with Tahir-ul-Qadri, but, later, you confessed the meeting. What was there to conceal it and then to reveal it is a bit difficult to understand.

You promised to remain peaceful, not to harm the state but now all what we see is unrest and tribulation. Your leadership could not pull crowds toward Islamabad during long march and your people ran away when they were attacked by the police.So the Plan A (sit-in) breathed the last when Tahir-ul-Qadri decided to depart Islamabad. Your plan B, to bring a huge number of people toward capital, was also lacked strength, though the government did not create any hurdle in your way. Disappointing by the turnout, you announced your plan C, which came out to be nothing but “chaos”.

All what your people did, peacefully, in Faisalabad, Karachi& Lahore has already given us an idea of what you are going to do in Multan and then all over Pakistan.

We didnot vote you to burn our country this way Mr. Khan.

Being a citizen of Pakistan & a medical student, I have got all the rights to ask you who gave you the right to stop me from going to my university and snatch my right of education from me? Who gave you the right to shut down the cities and directly affect the lives of billions of your own countrymen? Who gave you the right to stop the ambulances and kill patients? Who gave you the right to push the country toward a civil war and put the lives of my countrymen and your very own workers on stake?

Do you want me to believe that you are doing all this for the betterment of Pakistan? You are killing the people to save them?Are you shutting down to rebuild? Sorry Mr. Khan I see it as mere lust of power. All what you want is to be the prime minister of Pakistan and that is the end all. Had you been interested in the problems of common man, you would have done something for the poor IDP’s. All what you did was watching them being beaten by your KPK police. Had you been interested in promoting education, you would have stood up for Aitizaz & Malala;but your KPK assembly, shamelessly, did not even pass the bill in favor of Malala and you stayed silent while TTP kept attacking schools. Had you been a champion of interfaith harmony you would have denounced the cowardly act by Taliban of demolishing & putting the churches and mosques on fire. Had you been that interested in providing health facilities to all, you would have taken a strong stance against those beasts who attacked the polio teams and killed the lady health workers. Had you been an ambassador of peace, you would have supported the operation Zarb-e-Azb, but you have been criticizing it and kept sympathizing those beasts who butchered over 70 thousand innocents. Had you been worried for the killings, you wouldn’t have asked your workers to prevent the patients & ambulances and let them die on roads. Have you been struggling for women rights, you would have disowned those people who abuse & harass female journalists. If you really want to overthrow the corrupt system, why you just do not give up your seats in KPK assembly?

I’m sorry Mr. Khan you have totally disappointed me. You talk about fighting the status quo while the worst examples of the same status quo, Jahangir Tareen & Shah Mehmood flank you on right and left. You live in a castle and talk about the poor and the needy? You fly in a private jet and talk about simplicity and ending VIP culture? Your every single statement contradicts with your lifestyle and then you want me to believe that you are Nelson Mandela?

Sorry Mr. Khan! Your politics is quite unacceptable to the people. You must know the shameful failure of your KPK government & the contradiction and U-turns in your statements. You have to get rid of the status quo within your party. You should must choose your side and stop advocating criminals. You have to teach your followers some morals and ethics. Your Plan C (Chaos) has already exposed you. Please make us a New KPK instead of announcing your Plan D, which I fear will be Death & Dead Bodies. Please stop putting the lives of people on stake for this power hunger or you will force everyone to look for other alternatives.

Just an annoyed Pakistani who was once your supporter.

– Dr. Sadaf Alvi

This article is guest post to All points mentioned in the article are write’s personal views.

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