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Pakistani Celebrities Who Stopped Their Age

LAHORE: Showbiz is a medium where celebs have a double contest; one with their competitors in the longer run and the other with their own growing age which affects their look.

Being a star on mini or silver screen, one has to cover up the age factor to look ever green and presentable for viewers. The age controlling task is a tough one which requires much control over diet besides many skin enhancement treatments.

To rule in Showbiz world, celebrities are use to with such practices to look younger than their age until the grey hairs shows off all.

We have many stars in our country that look years younger than their actual age, here is the list of Top five Pakistani Celebrities Who Stopped Their Age.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Stopped Their Age

1. Mahnoor Baloch
Age: 43 years

mahnoorWith her amazing looks and scintillating beauty, Mahnoor is a lady for whom age does not matter because anyone can be deceived of her age by her enchanting prettiness. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most beautiful women of the world and looks way younger than her actual age. The gorgeous lady is still carrying herself in the business of showbiz with the same pace.

2. Ayesha Khan
Age: 33 years

ayeshaThe girl, who rose to fame by drama serial ‘Mehndi’ (2003), has ruled on mini screen in the past decade and her journey of success goes on with a twist of silver screen as well. Ayesha debuted in 2000 and even after 14 years, she looks dashing ever than before.

3. Fasial Qureshi
Age: 40 years

faisalKing of mini screen Fasial Qureshi is the role model from male side for those who don’t want age ruins their looks. The handsome actor still pops up as first choice in directors’ mind for many big projects of TV after two-decades long successive run.

4. Hadiqa Kiani
Age: 39 years

hadiqaThe iconic Hadiqa Kiani can be best defined as perfect combination of style and grace. The pop artist, who started her career in 1995, has been carrying her image sensibly since then. Working in various fields besides singing, the internationally famed Hadiqa looks more tempting today than she was in the past.

5. Reema Khan
Age: 42 years

reemaReema is said to be the most beautiful film actress of Pakistan in the current era. She has also defeated her age with her looks as it has been more than 20 years when she debuted in 1992 released ‘Bulandi’. The best thing about Reema’s charismatic good looks is that she holds it by elegance and follows some strict guidelines for her portrayal.

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